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Profile : Your Mirror Image !!!
Profile is like a mirror that reflects the real you. This must be the basic idea to create a profile best.

At present online social networking has become one of the latest trend of the communication. Peoples

from various places can communicate with you using social networking. So first thing comes is your profile

because Profile is like a mirror that reflects the real you , it is the overview of what you are. So you need

to keep few ideas for creating your profile better -

1. Be Honest : Never try to use fake information to make others impress, might be fake infromation can

lead your profile to look better but in this way you are lying to yourself. so be honest in whatever you are

adding to it.

2. Make it Simple but a lil' attractive: Try to make your profile simpler because simplicity is the thing that

attracts most of peoples, but for others to reach your profile and open it you may need to make it a lil'

attractive. Making profile attractive means by adding some special facts about you not by adding an attractive dp

and all.

3. Unique: By adding your unique qualities on your profile you can make your profile different from others and

that will help you to attract peoples to your profile.

By keeping these thing in mind just one last thing you need to do is Just be Yourself and automatically your

profile will become the best. Communicate with peoples with politeness and show them that you are not just

a part of crowd, you are different !!

All the best Guys !!!!
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