Business Etiquette Best Practices

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Business Etiquette Best Practices

Dariet Wallace

Liberty University


This research paper presents views, opinions and ways to confidently interact with colleagues,

inside the workplace. It will also demonstrate proper business etiquette as it pertains to work

attire, first impressions, and communication styles.

Definition of Business Etiquette

The word etiquette refers to the norms and standards that govern socially acceptable behavior

in a given situation. Business etiquette focuses on actions deemed appropriate in professional

settings. Getting more acquainted with principles related to good business etiquette, will leave a

lasting impression on the people who we make contact with on a daily basis (White, 2006).

The Need

If you want to make a positive impression on the people with whom you come in contact

Throughout your professional life, it's important to follow proper business etiquette tips at all

times (White, 2006). The need for etiquette in the work place hasn’t disappeared because of the

way we do business compared to several years ago. Knowing how to treat people is very

important in today’s society (Fox, 2008).

Applying good manners in the workplace will benefit you and your cohorts. The way a person

presents themselves, speaks volumes about who you are and leaves a lasting impression, not only

in your personal life but in your professional life as well. When conducting business, make that

person feel like they’re the most important person in the world (Fox, 2008).

First Impression

A few simple basic principles can have a positive effect on your business. One principle such

as meet and greet will have a positive or negative impression on your customers and vendors.

Etiquette will have a lasting impression on your business clients. It works the same in our

personal lives as well (Sabath, 2002). The saying, “first impression is a lasting impression,”

holds true. A very effective way to open any conversation is to send a thanks message (Sabath,

1993). This rule should also apply to people that you personally know, who take interest in

meeting you. We tend to listen when our name is used because we enjoy the personal

recognition. Start off on a positive note and recognize the person you’re speaking to (Sabath,

1993). In my line of business, I make sure that I address a person by their name. When someone

uses my name during a conversation, it makes me feel like that person is in tune with me. It

always impresses me when a person can my name after meeting them only once. It leaves a

feeling of respect and importance.

If you forget a person’s name after having met them for the first time, never ask them “Who

are you”? You should respond kindly letting the person know you are glad to him/her. Try

refreshing your memory by asking the person what has been going on since you last talked.

Hopefully his/her response will reveal something that will trigger a memory, in order for you to

recall their name (Sabath, 2002).

This has happened to me personally several times than I care to admit. Although, a little

embarrasing, I never let on that I can’t remember a person’s name. Seek the assistance of a friend

or colleague to see whether or not they know or can recall that person’s name. I have found that

it’s easier for me to recall a person’s last name before I am able to recall their first name. I guess

spending time in the military and twelve years as a law enforcement officer has a lot to do with

recalling someone’s name. After learning the person’s name, make every effort to remember

him/her the next time you meet.

Write down the name to help you remember it in the future and you may want to send the

person a note saying that you enjoyed seeing him or her (Sabath, 2002).

Since we have already talked...
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