Social Network Service and Facebook

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, MySpace Pages: 3 (1177 words) Published: April 8, 2013
In the last few years, we witnessed the appearance of various networking sites in virtual world. Starting with several conventional ones such as Friendster, Hi5 and few others, they are relatively well received in the beginning stage due to their fresh concept to connect people around the world at your finger tip. However due to their limited functionality offered, these sites were quickly forgotten soon enough especially with the emergence of the phenomenal Facebook. Starting humbly as a decent networking site just like the others, the ever-non-stop-improvement on Facebook that facilites our daily lifestyle soon began to catch the attention of the people around the world. As it progresses, people of different classes find Facebook a common channel to get connected while long lost friends are found. Old photos are posted, reminding us the good old days. According to Xavire Lur (2010), if Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated with the number of 400 million population which just left behind China and India. Today, Facebook is a phenomenon that some people find it a necessity which is hard to resist, let alone ignore. Depending on how one handles the new-found ‘friend’, Facebook have proven to be a big-part of the lives to many that many of us use Facebook to its full potential as a way to keep in touch, entertainment or even for business deals. While we cannot deny the benefits that we reap from Facebook, we cannot ignore that fact that more often it left a huge negative impact on the lives of the people who seems to have developed Facebok-syndrom. This addiction does not only involve school-going children or teenagers, but the worrying fact is, even professionals groups are also not spared. The ways to solve this incident will be discussed in this essay.

For professionals, company needs to set up some policies to forbid its employees from facebooking. These policies can discussed as the following :- 1) Company can always block the...
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