Facebook: Online Social Networking

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Facebook: Online Social Networking

Facebook: Online Social Networking
Facebook is an online social networking site founded in 2004 (Facebook.com, n.d.). The purpose of this website is to connect family and friends and to share content such as pictures, status updates, and event invites between the user’s contacts. The site also has numerous games that many users participate in for entertainment. The website states the mission of Facebook is to “give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected,” (Facebook.com, n.d.). Every day millions of people log on to connect with friends and family, sharing photos, links, and videos. As of October 2012, more than a billion users access the site monthly (Facebook.com, n.d.). Of these users, about 81% live outside the United States and Canada (Facebook.com, n.d.). Facebook contains specialized pages that users can choose to subscribe to and “like” to show their support for varying topics. The population of participants on Facebook include a wide range of people regarding age, ethnicity, and gender. Team member J has been a member of the social networking site titled Facebook since August 2008. During this time, she has connected with many classmates from high school as well as family members who she does not get to see. This team member has played several of the games offered by the site, though currently only plays one or two of games on a regular basis. In her experience, she has found that people often share too much personal information about their conflicts. This over-sharing leads to hurt feelings and family battles. It seems users share whatever is on their mind, without putting much thought to others feelings about the content they are divulging. Team member M’s experience with Facebook began when she got an invitation from a work colleague to join the site. She created a profile and did not revisit the site for several months. She has started using Facebook more in...
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