Social Media: Today's Mainstream Media

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Social Media: Today’s mainstream media Social media is the buzz! Today it has become a part of company’s marketing strategy. Traditional marketing is being sidelined by social media. The difference between traditional marketing and social media? Shouting vs. Sharing

Social media

Trade shows


TV, radio and print

Company website

Direct mail

What do we mean by social media? Why there is so much of buzz, and how will B2B companies will benefit? Social media facilitates interaction between people. It describes the online tools that people use to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself. The Big Idea Social media gives us the opportunity to create lasting brand differentiation by:  Recapturing the attention of existing and ‘on the fence’ customers  Interacting with a completely new set of customers  Engaging with customers in ways that are relevant to their lifestyles

Why should we care about it?

Top brands using Social media. Consumer brands have taken the lead in executing Social Media strategy. Many large B2B and B2C companies have started to explore social media opportunities- most notably technology firms. The brands are trying their best to engage customers through the myriad social media platforms, using bold ideas, bold action, and smart thinking to leverage passionate online audiences in a channel that is still quite new. CISCO is considered to be the pioneer for the B2B social networking. CISCO has been publically blogging since 2005.

B2C Companies

B2B Companies

Does Social Media work for B2B? A case study on Cisco Systems: Lending B2B crowd in Social Media  Cisco dominates as the B2B Social Media Pioneers.  Cisco’s underlying social media goal: search engine optimization.  They leverage social media tools to engage with their clients, prospects, employees and new talent.

Cisco website


YouTube channels

Cisco Blo

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