Social Media and Mobile Technology

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Ibraheem Khudeish

Benefits of using social media networks as a marketing strategy
As the digital marketing is becoming more and more and popular, business owners are investigating how social media networking can benefit their business growth and development. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin are the top social networking sites that social media managers tend to use.

A very obvious benefit of using social media networks as a marketing strategy is the cost. The classic way of advertising such as TV or Radio commercials, printing materials are very costly to the business and are very old methods of targeting the specified audience, whereas having a free account on Facebook or Twitter and spending just a little money; the business owner can save a lot of money and can only target the users who are interested in the type of content of the add. The business owner will not pay if people did not click on the ad; therefore the ad is reaching a larger audience while the business owner still only paying for the clicked ads.

There is also another possibility of getting more fans and increase sales when business posts something interesting such as a funny commercial video, which can go viral within minutes and can reach thousands of social network users; considering the large number of users that each social network has. One example of this is Facebook, let us say when a Facebook user likes a story or a video on some of the Facebook pages, it will show up on the friends list of the user as a news feed, and so his friends can also like the post and see the content. This is the mechanism social media networks use.

Another benefit of using social media networks is that it can increase the traffic to the business website hence increase the sales potential. This is done by submitting the link of the website to the social network page of the business; this will direct the fans from social networks to the website without needing to go on search engines to...
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