Social Networking and the Benefits of Being Connected

Topics: Twitter, Internet Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Sarah Sutherland
Professor Garner
English 1020
7 March 2013

Social Networking and the Benefits of Being Connected
Controversy with social media networking sites is not a new issue by any means. What seems to be on a lot of people’s minds is just how it is being used. There are always pro’s and con’s with any source of media being used whether it is utilizing social networking sites for professional use such as job searching, socially sharing information while keeping in touch with family and friends, or simply staying up to date with ongoing worldly issues and information in the public. For many, social networking is their number one source for news and their core routine for socializing. One reason social networking plays a tremendous roll in society today is it’s ability to help people find jobs efficiently. Job-hunting is now faster and easier than ever. People benefit from more easily finding a wider range of job opportunities and quickly get back to work. While someone could be looking for a job or career, another person could be looking to invest in a business or in fact to start his or her own business. Social networking is a great source for those trying to expand their business while being able to get in touch with as many possible clients as they can. Another useful aspect of social networking is that business owners can operate their own business from across the world whether it is through video streaming or live chat. This is valuable because people do not have to spend time traveling or incur unnecessary travel expenses. Another reason social networking is beneficial to the public is that it helps maintain relationships with family and friends. Photo sharing is a large part of staying connected today. With the help instant sharing capabilities, photos and memories can be shared with anyone wherever they may be, as long as everyone can connect to the Internet. Communication through the Internet has helped countless relationships get...
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