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  • Published : April 2, 2014
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SLS 3650
Dr. Berg

Social Media Assignment
The Nashville Stars’ franchise would like to inform you of two new promotions offered through social media sites, Facebook and Instagram. These sites will allow you the opportunity to win free team merchandise as well as tickets to upcoming Stars’ games.

Many sports organizations use various tools such as television, websites, and radio stations, in order to help promote their team. With over 65% of online adults using social networking sites, social media has drastically grown in usage across numerous industries, and has become an especially popular medium for the sport industry (Madden & Zickuhr, 2011). Sports organizations are now utilizing an increasing number of social media platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Social medias are efficient for the reason that they reach many fans quickly, can carry large amounts of information, and have the capability of interaction between an organization and its fan (Kietsmann, Hermkens, McCarthy, & Silvestre, 2011). These fundamentals directly apply to uses in sports communication by allowing teams to connect with the public while the organization attempts to form a brand, conduct customer relationship management programs, and manage the reputations of players, coaches, and staff. With the integration of social media into existing business responsibilities, organizations can now more efficiently listen, talk, support, and embrace their fans and their ideas. Traditional means of communicating, and other things such as research, marketing, and sales can now be accomplished through these social media sites.

The two forms of social media the Stars are looking to use are Facebook and Instagram. These social networking sites have seen tremendous growth over the past several years and different teams, such as the Chicago Bulls are taking advantage of this advertising opportunity. The Chicago Bulls announced the...
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