Social Networking

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, MySpace Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Social Networking
Attention Getter: Over the past several years, I have fell victim to social networking sites. From Myspace to Facebook, I’ve become a regular of these sites and usually it’s the first thing I login to and check out when I turn on my computer. Like millions of other users worldwide, Thesis: Social networking has become essential to our daily lives. Preview: Today, I will address the following questions: What is the history of social networking? How has social networking influence our way of communicating? Why Facebook is the most widely used social networking site among the majority of users? TS: Let’s begin with the history of social networking

1. The History of Social Networking
A.) Chronological Timeframe and Purpose of the Most Popular Sites (PEW Research)
1. (1997-2000, first of its kind)
2. Friendster (2002-present, mainly used for dating but loss popularity due to the limited size of members within the online communities) 3. MySpace (2003-present, intended for all audiences but now hosts the majority of youth for personal interaction and self-expression/promotion) 4. Facebook (2004-present, created for communication among Harvard students but now attracts a broader age group and facilitate personal connections/events)

TS: Now that you know the history of social networking, I’d like to discuss the influences social networking has with our way of communicating. 2. Social Networks Provide a New Way of Communication

A. Communicating Our Lives with Others
1. Online presence that enables communication in real-time with anyone on the network and keep friends informed on what you are up to 2. Gives an individual the power to be virtually connected and closer to possibly hundreds and thousands of people worldwide 3. The tagging and linking features often linked to social networking sites, helped in quickly sharing photos and...
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