Social Media Analysis

Topics: Social media, Marketing, Facebook Pages: 11 (3226 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Social Media Analysis

Rock Water Secret Cove Resort
February 20th 2013
IHMN 410
Ted Wykes

Table of Contents Page 1. Executive summary 1.1 Overview of Rock Water Secret Cove Resort 1 1.2 Current marketing tools 1 2. Social media analysis 2.1 Current trends and themes 2.2 Evaluate trends 2.3 Trends in social media 2.4 Observation 3. Recommendation 4. Personal Reflection | Executive Summary

* Rock Water Secret Cove Resort, renovated in 2011, is located in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia ("Rockwater secret cove," 2013). Its beautiful natural surroundings and unique hotel design create a special stay experience. The theme of this resort is to create a peaceful and fascinate environment for couple’s to have wedding ceremony or take a romantic trip. * Indeed, couples are Rock Water Secret Cove Resort’s target market audience. Through tracking their webpage and other social media, Rock Water Secret Cove Resort has a comprehensive understanding of their target customers. They are not only providing a variety of romantic packages, but also sharing guests’ fantastic wedding experiences ("Rockwater secret cove," 2013). This will assist Rock Water Secret Cove Resort to reach their target customers. * Rock Water Secret Cove Resort has a neutral performance in social media. It is using a variety of social media, including Facebook, Trip-adviser, Youtube, and it has been mentioned on Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket which are photography websites. Furthermore, it also is mentioned on guests’ blog; but Rock Water Secret Cove Resort does not have blog account. However, Rock Water Secret Cove Resort only has few followers on Twitter. The resort primarily uses Facebook and Trip-adviser; General Manger of Rock Water Secret Cove Resort communicates to guests and examines management issue through them effectively. This significantly helps them to connect with customers. * In order to enhance Rock Water Secret Cove Resort’s marketing reach, Rock Water Secret Cove Resort has to continue follow its current marketing strategies. It also needs to focus on building brand connections with their target customers, market its responsible business, and enhance brand meaning. This will successfully assist Rock Water Secret Cove Resort market to their target customers, and build a long term customer loyalty. * Social Media Analysis * Rock Water Secret Cove Resort is recognized as the winner of the BC’s best wedding ceremony place in 2012, chosen as one of the top 10 most Romantic Valentine's destinations, and Chosen for one of the 12 top Dream Destinations in the World Calendar for 2013 on their website. It is marketed through other social media as a popular place to take a romantic gateway. This report is aim to analyse Rock Water Secret Cove Resort’s current performance in social media, in order to enhance their current marketing strategies. * Current Trends

* Rock Water Secrete Cove Resort uses social media to introduce their new packages.
They often post new romantic package or spa package on Twitter and Facebook to widespread the message, and market to their guests. Compare Facebook to Twitter, the information be widespread on Facebook. Customers acquire the latest hotel...
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