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Topics: Google Maps, Library, Google Earth Pages: 1 (447 words) Published: June 7, 2012
Explain how social media/web is changing or has changed the ways you, your family, and colleagues find information. I believe that social media/web has changed in many ways such as ways in retrieving news and information. For example when I attended public school back in the late nineties most of my friends would probably had to go to the school library or the neighborhood library to obtain research information. However in the present day students can download college applications or others programs on their cell phone and don’t really have to go outside the home to obtain this information. Another example, my father is a truck driver that drops supplies all over the United States. He use buy road maps to help him for journeys he never taken before. Now things have changed with the internet and web pages such as Google. He uses Google map to see where exactly he have to go and can get clear visual on the area and how big the streets are. Google maps also provide information of how long a drive will be from point A to point b. How has social media/web changed the ways you interact in your personal and professional life as well as within academic spheres? In my opinion, social media has change in a lot of ways such as people looking for partners, love relationships and even meeting up groups for which people gathering for hiking, biking and other activities. For example, I was raised in Nevada and growing up my family use to take us on hiking and biking trips all the time, but now that I older I really don’t have any time to meet people so I participate in gathering groups to meet others. For professional life, I would have to say when I use to work at Wal- Mart I didn’t have to call in about my weekly schedule or what time I had to work. I would just go to Wal-Mart homepage in login to see the information I needed. From personal knowledge I don’t think a lot of jobs have this information for employees they would probably have to call in. Another example...
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