Social Wed and You

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Social Web and You
Anjerina Miller
INF 103
Susan Meckert

How are we to know information is accurate, or safe, or that all these content created are going somewhere meaningful? Because anyone can publish stuff online. It is almost impossible to know if something you collect off the web is accurate or safe. The World Wide Web offers information and data from all over the world. Because so much information is available and because that information can appear to be fairly “anonymous”, it is necessary to develop skills to evaluate what you find. Explain how social media/web is changing or has changed the ways you, your family, and colleagues find information. The web offer many great sites to help assist you in almost everything you can think of. Lisa Reichelt, a user experience consultant in London coined that very pleasant term “ambient intimacy”. It describes the way in which social media allows you to “…keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn’t usually have access to, because time and space conspire to make it impossible. How has social media/web changed the ways you interact in your personal and professional life as well as within academic spheres? The only social network that I have is a Facebook page that allow me to keep up with my family and friends. I am not one who like to converse online I barely even post how I feel or what I am doing, because everyone that is on my friend’s page I can get in touch with them one way or another. I like to talk to people face to face so I am not worried about Facebook interfering in my professional life. What functionalities do you think will be invented in the future? With so much of the future now/today the possibilities are endless, so there is no telling the future of technology.


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