Social Media

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Social Media Paper


Social Media Paper

Information is the way we acquire knowledge and progress into the future. Social media is how information is carried and distributed throughout the world. The information provided by social media is gathered, distributed and stored through the internet, extranet, television and radio. The information highway called the social media can be a reliable researchable source depending on subject matter and the author. Social media, like any other tool involved with gaining knowledge and progress, come with pros and cons. For example, the knowledge a person possesses, gives them the capable to use social media to obtain reliable data. It can also provide information that is fictional. This can create chaos and confusion while society searches for the truth. In this paper we will define some of the advantages and disadvantages of social media and the information society gathers and distributes twenty-four hours per day.

Over the years the term media convergence has applied to the different way information is attained. There are a lot of views relaying to the ways information is harnessed and then transported around the world. A good understanding of this would be the use of communication in today’s society. When using the internet it enables those around the world to transport information from one point to another, without any hassle at all. The internet is also a mainstream example of social media in the world. “For example, Yahoo! gleans information from search terms, Google scans the contents of Gmail messages, and Facebook uses profile information (age, gender, location, interests, etc.) to deliver individualized ads to users’ screens. Similarly, a mobile social networking application for smartphones, Foursquare, encourages users to earn points and “badges” by checking in at business locations, such as museums, restaurants, and airports (or other user-added locations), and...
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