Proposal of Social Media

Topics: Social media, Sociology, LinkedIn Pages: 7 (2279 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Tito Jackson

University of Maryland University College

Author Note
This proposal was prepared for AMBA 620, Section 9045, taught by Professor Halverson. Abstract
This proposal explores the adoption of social media tools as a platform for recruiting top talent to SRA as well as building communities across business units within the organization. We will demonstrate the organizational benefits of adopting social media tools for SRA, such as job satisfaction, enhancing the flow of communication, and introducing the ability for employees to connect and collaborate across business units. This proposal also explores the four social media tools--Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer, and we are recommending and provides an analysis of how they could be used internally and externally. The proposal outlines the pros and cons, cost and benefits of using these tools as well as the risk and limitations of using these tools that SRA will have to evaluate for itself. We also analyze the opportunities SRA will have by being a leader within its industry for using social media tools within their recruitment and hiring strategy.

A critical component of SRA's human capital plan is to increase organizational commitment within its employee ranks. According to Colquitt, LePine, and Wesson (2011), companies must be able to retain their employees longer in order to recoup the capital cost outlay by the employer for their employees (p. 68). In a competitive marketplace for skilled workers, organizations like SRA must ensure that they are offering the best technology that workers are expecting to use. Tools, such as social media applications, are proving effective in enhancing the way workers communicate, personally and professionally. The primary goal of social media tools is to expand conversations from an offline environment to one that is online, in addition to enhancing the flow of lateral and vertical communications. These tools serve as the platform for employees to build networks upon by connecting and collaborating with each other which serves to build internal virtual communities within already established physical communities. Recommended Social Media

Beginning with the promises of the Information Superhighway made in the 1990’s, the world has increasingly becoming an interconnected society based on user’s ability to send and receive data via mobile and static networks. This interconnectivity has “changed the way we do business and are, in themselves, new ecosystems” (Balmer & DiMauro, 2009, p.94). This new ecosystems allows employees to develop relationships that extend trust beyond proximity and more towards relativity and like-mindedness (Balmer & DiMauro, 2009, p.94). Social media requires employees to “perform publically, to share our background by way of a profile, to display our professional connections and networks” and this allows communities of interest to be built around ideas and collaboration (Balmer & DiMauro, 2009, p. 94).

As a source of competitive advantage for SRA to attract and retain top talent, we are proposing SRA use two professional social networks, Facebook and LinkedIn, as a model for public engagement. Facebook allows SRA to broadly implement its communication strategy to a wide audience of customers and prospective employees. This should prove valuable to prospective applicants because “professionals with more networks are more likely to gather opinion through their online network, read blogs … as early steps in the decision process” (Balmer & DiMauro, 2009, p.96).

LinkedIn is another platform that SRA should use to expand its communication strategy. LinkedIn allows SRA to create a corporate profile that can be viewed by the general public and this is an opportunity for prospective professionals to view the profiles of employees associated with SRA. SRA can also demonstrate its particular niche...
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