Smoking Ban

Topics: United States, Smoking ban, Passive smoking Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Rights or Wrongs?
There are many controversial issues in today’s society. The smoking bans around the United States are one of the issues. Many people are for the smoking bans, because they help reduce the amount of second hand smoke. Second hand smoke along with direct smoke can cause cancer in the lungs of adults and children. Others believe it’s against the rights of a person. The government telling people what to do is going against the Constitution. The smoking ban harms the rights of American people in public places.

It is the right of smokers to be able to smoke in public places. The government should not tell people whether or not they can smoke in certain areas. According to Molyneaux, “It is legal to smoke tobacco, so the government has no right to try and make people stop. State representative Ben Waide says, “I think that this piece of legislation takes government into an area where government should not be.” The evidence in this state’s that the smoking ban hurts the rights of Americans. As many places don’t agree with the smoking bans, it should be up to the public places. Even though places are public they are owned privately by others. The bans are hurting the people that go to those public places. According to Debatepedia, “Small workplaces will often ignore the ban and are unlikely to be caught.” As the smoking bans persist they still keep hurting rights of all Americans who choose to use tobacco.

The businesses around the United States are hurting because of the government wanting to ban smoking and tobacco use in them. According to Debatepedia, “If enough people want to go to non-smoking bars, then the companies will set up non-smoking bars.” Since companies haven’t set up any this means that there are few people that want them. Businesses would lose countless amounts of money due to the lack of smokers business. In the economy, the rights of all the businesses would be hurting because of the bans being put in...
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