Stricter Laws for Tobacco Users

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Stricter Laws for Tobacco users
J. Ames
February 02, 2013

Abstract: Second hand smoke exposure is a considerable risk to the nonsmoker in today’s society. Despite the unpleasantness of the smoke overall, there are also serious and well known health risks that coincide with smoke inhalation. Stricter tobacco laws are the only way to protect the rights of the non-smokers subjected to this health hazard.

Many smokers will argue about their rights to smoke, while conversely this stance can cause infringement on the nonsmoker’s rights to breathe clean air free from the effects of second-hand exposure. Smoking laws should be revisited and stricter laws should be enforced to protect the health of the innocent. To what degree can a recreational activity be allowed to cause harm to unwilling participants? Stricter law in this area is the only measure to protect those who are subjected to another individual’s addiction or habit. Cigarette smoking, the use of tobacco products, and second hand smoke exposure are one of the most serious and well documented health risks. Approximately one out of every five deaths each year is attributable to smoking. Further, each year, approximately 38,000 deaths in the United States are caused by exposure to secondhand smoke©. Second hand smoke is poisonous and toxic compounded with over fifty cancer-causing chemicals. A person is generally exposed to this hazard by smoke from a burning cigarette, cigar or pipe, or the smoke exhaled by a smoker. Generally the nonsmoker is not welcoming the exposure, but is subjected to this hazard because of being in the same vicinity of that of a smoker. While considering the health effects of second-hand smoking on the public, one must also include the potential hazards to that of the unborn child. Although advantageous, banning a mother from smoking while pregnant could be seen as a radical position. For the...
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