Small Business Advantages

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  • Published : March 15, 2011
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The saying that small businesses are the back bone of the economy is a statement that many people are familiar with and tend to agree with. (Chittenden) Small local Businesses are far different from large big-box retailer businesses. There is so much controversy between the two which causes many misconceptions. One misconception is that small businesses are not only known as small business, but entrepreneurs as well. They consider themselves “serious and committed businesspeople whose needs are not the same as those of a consumer.” (Megalli) Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been a major decline in the sales and profits of those entrepreneurs. This decline was caused by giant corporations taking over the market. The corporate monster that has caused most of the fuss is the Wal-Mart Superstores. Wal-Mart is the “corporate giant [that] destroys local businesses and provides low-waged jobs while being staunchly antiunion.” (Halebsky) Many small businesses were forced to shut down their operations because they simply do not have the means for competition. Although big business have some advantages over their smaller competitors heads like money, staffing, and production, small local businesses have just as many advantages that may be small in size but pack a real big punch in the long run. Some of those advantages include technological improvements, independence, quality, and plenty of motivation.

Small business owners are effected just as much as big business corporations. The only difference is what they choose to do with it when it technological advances come their way. Small businesses tend to embrace it much more easily than monster over powering stores. These advances are giving entrepreneurs many opportunities to strive forward in this ever changing economy. (Megalli) Even small businesses have some help on the economic side, local chambers of commerce are even lending a hand to help them become more tech-savvy. In this very hard economic time aid...
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