American Dream

Topics: Small business, Wal-Mart, College tuition Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The American Dream, something once thought to be the American lifestyle that once achieved, one’s life may be considered perfect. It started out simple, owning two cars, owning a large house in a suburban neighborhood, married with two children, and owning your own business. This may the American Dream after World War II has ended; however, because of the economic crisis, the increase of major corporations, and the cost of living; over the years, reaching this goal has been a very difficult to achieve. Luke S.H. Wright in “The American Dream” has stated that large corporations such as Goldman Sachs are taking over the small businesses. This leaves owning one’s own business out of the picture. At the same time major retail chains are spreading to every corner, which in result, small business owners are being put out of business because of the convenience of large business chains. 7-Elevens are now replacing the family owned bodegas. Starbucks is now in every corner while local coffee shops are fighting to keep their small business open. Walmart has many small businesses within such as salons, key shops, arcades, and even their own McDonalds. This has caused family owned specialty shops to diminish. CBS Reporter has stated that Walmart, “Clearly, it puts a lot of smaller retailers out of business” Luke S.H. Wright has also stated “Four Years at West Point is no longer the quick avenue to real power and influence; in the twenty-first century it is four years at Goldman Sachs.” Many ideas and way of living has changed rapidly over the decade. College prices are raising, therefore student loans are increasing. The cost of living has increased along with high taxes. Is this the death of the American Dream? Luke S.H. Wright writes that the American dream does not exist anymore, that it has died because of major corporations taking over. Some would disagree in that it is still obtainable with harder work than what used to be available. Others believe that the original...
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