Buying Locally

Topics: Local food, Nutrition, Sustainability Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Because of the benefits to the economy, individual health, and to the environment, people should buy as much as they can from local farm stands. Buying local food supports the local economy and your body in a healthy way that can not be achieved from buying food from chain grocery stores such as Hannaford, Market Basket, and Shaw’s cannot. Become a locavore and eat healthy fresh food provided by locally owned and family operated farm stands. As the national economy goes down, why not help the local economy go up? Small businesses have closed constantly for many consecutive years because they are not supported by the community enough. When a local economy is strengthened, the community flourishes with businesses, families, tourists, and a more relaxed atmosphere. Many communities are filled with clothing stores, restaurants, hotels, and chain grocery stores. But how many of those stores are owned by local residence? Most likely less than half are locally owned, which means that the money spent is going out of town. Locally owned farm stands stimulate the local economy because most of the money made stays inside the community. That money is used to make the community more appealing, so tourists will be attracted to stay there and spend their money. As that cycle continues the economy in the community grows, allowing for people to relax because they know that their town is financially stable. After a product is purchased, where does the money go? Buy products from local farm stands and almost half of a person’s money will stay in the local community. Knowing where the money goes is reassuring to the buyer because he knows how his money is helping someone else. Buying locally is almost like donating to a charity. When a person donates to a charity, they know that their money is being given to a worthy cause. It is the same thing when a person buys locally because they know that their money is going to the owners, who are most likely local...
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