Mom and Pop Shops

Topics: Wal-Mart, Small business, Department store Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Death of Mom-and-Pop Shops
Cindy Dias
English Composition II
Professor James Meeze
January 19, 2013

Based on my research paper and reading the information, I am going to choose how Wal-Mart is taking down mom-and-pop shops and destroying them by leaving downtown barren and empty. I am going to prove it does have some effect on small business, but also it has to do with our economy. I plan on the information and graphs I found by researching my information about how the big companies do take over some small business. I will provide a power point presentation in my research paper to also show you more information about my research paper. There is no question that Wal-Mart does cause some mom-and-pop shops to fail. However, those failures are entirely compensated for by the entry of other new small business. I am also going to prove that it’s fifty fifty. Large Corporation sometimes destroy some mom-and-pop shops. Also I have facts they don’t destroy all the small business.

The article states shopping center have developers to lesson mom-and-pop shops in new centers in U.S. Regency. It has reduced the amount of small shop space and including new development. It also states that the regency is having a harder time filling empty spaces with new mom-and-pop tenants and franchises than in the past. As stated in a recent article from the Neighborhood Retail Alliance, because when Wal-Mart enters a town undeniable harm happens to small and medium sized entrepreneurs. Not only does the company sell numerous types of goods, its’ sure to grow, it often prices them below cost in order to drive out local competition. These new developments have come at a time when everyday low prices which is the growth model that Wal-Mart necessarily wants to pursue long term. In recent years many of its competition have close up shop because they could not complete with Wal-Mart prices. There were shops of all kind like bakeries, shoe stores, pharmacies. Then Wal-Mart comes along....
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