Skill and Industrial Attachment

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  • Published : April 20, 2012
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The brochure set out principles and guidelines for the industrial attachment programme. Thus, the issues include the purpose of industrial attachment, its specific objectives, the main activities of the programme and the key players that make it functional and meaningful.

1. It develops the practical and communication skills/competencies of trainees. It strengthen industrial/institution partnership. It provides a nation-wide mechanism to address key skill demand. It provides employers the opportunity to give back to society. It enhances training. It provides a mechanism for training institutions to respond to identified areas of national key skill needs. It develops the manual skills of trainees associated with scientific and technological operations. It develops the trainees’ personality and understanding of individuals and groups in work situations. It provides to the trainee background information and experience in career choice.

Appreciate the importance of human relationships and work attitudes. Understand the constraints of working life and functional relationships within and between organisations. Be orientated towards work processes. Apply theoretical concepts and school based skills to practice. Develop work attitudes like curiousness, self-confidence, maturity and self-reliance. Obtain knowledge of potential careers and develop new areas of interest. Training institutions will be able to: Establish link with industry for technical development, particularly in the area of product innovation, design and construction. Know skill gaps and improve quality of training. Obtain materials for teaching and case studies. Have a balance assessment of trainees. Employers will be able to:

To inform industry the importance of industrial attachment. Look for opportunities from the industry and match them with the number of trainees qualified to go on attachment. Prepare a Code of Conduct to be...
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