Should Companies That Use Professional Athletes to Endorse Their Products Drop Athletes Who Become Involved in Personal Scandals?

Topics: Professional sports, Tiger Woods, Sportsman of the Year Pages: 3 (1250 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Should companies that use professional athletes to endorse their products drop athletes who become involved in personal scandals?

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Companies that use professional athlete have the right to use that endorsement at their discretion. This question is difficult to answer as a whole because there are so many factors that occur. When it comes to a contract or obligation the bylaws of such agreement can lend both parties to not fulfill the agreed terms. Most athletes are held to a standard that is based upon their role in their specific sport. The star or leader is usually held in higher regard than the 12th man on a team.

With that said the argument for companies comes from a different perspective so its lends one to speak from both sides of the argument. I have to take the affirmative for the companies even though I believe in the marketability of the professional athlete. In the case of Micheal Phelps his ability to perform at a high level has led directly to the rebound of his image.

Tiger Woods on the other had way more to lose at the time of his marital problems. In turn his on course performance has not been at the level in which we are use to seeing of him. He has no amassed the same fervor or attention for positivity as a Micheal Phelps. The bad play on the course as not lifted the stain of all the negative press that he garnered. Had he been even more successful on his playing field he more than likely would have been able to get companies to get back on the Tiger train.

Companies, tend to use athletes that match their persona, the bigger the name the bigger the company. Image is so important to what a company is trying to convey about its product and service. Most companies have their values listed somewhere near their corporate profile. The two have to match. The values of a company must meet the value that is percieved the by the value of the product. The best and most current case of this is with Lance Armstrong, his...
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