The Influence of Professional Athletes on Society

Topics: Major League Baseball, Minimum wage, Air Jordan Pages: 3 (1243 words) Published: June 10, 2012
The Influence of Professional Athletes on Society
Two words, Michael Jordan. Need I say more? Arguably the most influential man in all of sports and athletic competition. Jordan is one of many professional athletes that have influenced society in numerous ways. With the help of the media, athletes are virtually everywhere. They are seen on television, on billboards, magazines, clothing, and basically anything. The media puts these athletes on pedestals mainly to sell products but some athletes are used to display role models and give hope for young athletes to become successful in life. There are many ways in which athletes are portrayed in the media that can make positive influences on people, but with all eyes on the best athletes, they do make bad decisions in which the youth tend to believe is acceptable because of the position these athletes are in.

The media’s main tactic when it comes to professional athletes is to gain the audience’s attention in order to sell products. Let’s start with Jordan, his shoes are known all over the world. People are so obsessed with his shoes that they will use the money that was supposed to be used to pay bills in order to purchase a new pair of sneakers. Nike, a super major corporation that excels in designing athletic apparel, has used media tactics and athletes to influence society to buy their products. They have used commercials, pictures, events, almost anything and everything in order to get their product out to the public and convince them to purchase it. Nike made a shoe contract with Michael Jordan and released his first signature shoe in 1985. In commercials, they simply showed Jordan playing in his new signature shoe performing and making baskets. By using the media, Nike subliminally convinced society that by purchasing and wearing the Air Jordan shoe they would be able to perform buzzer beating shots and slam dunk from the free throw line. Every year from ’85 on Nike released a newly designed signature Air...
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