Athletes Are Not Above the Law. Mistahnab,,

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Are Athletes Above the Law

Sports have been played for years for not only not for entertainment but also for the love of the games. Time and time again we see athletes who are very talented and we love to watch these athletes on our televisions. We sometimes love these athletes too much and take up for them when they are wrong. The media takes up for these athletes also and that helps them in the courts. Athletes are sometimes prone to get into trouble because of their recognition and the great things they do in their field of play. One hypothesis looks at the athletic environment as a potential cause. See competitive athletics is a very dichotomous environment. On the one hand, you have rules, regulations, etc (Ashbrook online). These are in place to keep the playing field as even as possible, with the hopes of determining the "best" performer (Ashbrook online). On the other hand, we have money and fame, lots of it. How do athletes get money and fame? By being successful at sport. But how do we become successful at sport? Ideally, with hard work and determination. But what if there was an easier way (Ashbrook online)? For years and years, athletes have been "pushing the envelope" of what is considered legal in sport (Ashbrook online). We have seen this with the increased use of performance enhancing drugs; illegal equipment and downright cheating from athletes. All for fame and fortune, but why do they keep doing it (Ashbrook online)? Athletes do these things because they love winning. Not only do they love winning but they also love the bonuses and recognition that comes with it. With all the recognition and money they can make it to court and be able to get off with parole or small jail time. Athletes are very comfortable with what they are
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