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The photos of ‘Shadows’ on the opposite page are images taken by me and other artists of the different types of shadows you can get. With the images that I found on the Internet, the shadows range from those that are created by people to those created by objects. My favourite one is the one with expressions painted in the sand with a shadow of somebody’s face above it. I like this one because it’s simple but effective and one that you can recreate easily yourself. One of my other favourites is the one of 3 people recreating the shadow of someone sitting on the toilet. I like this one because it brings humour to the picture and a unique way of creating a ‘shadow’ picture. With the images that I took of shadows, they are simple ones created by sunlight at 4 o’clock with the sun on the horizon. I ranged my images with pictures of people posing for the shot and things that were naturally shadowed against a building. My favourite one that was naturally caused is the one with the tree against a building. I like it because it reminds me of the tree on the film Lion King and because you can see how low the sun is from the other buildings shadowing against that building but the tree being the main focus. My other favourites are the ones with YMCA as the main focus and the girl praying under the chapel window. These were both taken next to the chapel as it was a wall that was in the open and no other buildings could alter the image. I like the YMCA one because they are all different images cropped into one. They are all the same person creating the shadow effect against the wall and I lined them differently when editing the picture to show that. I like the one with the girl praying under the chapel window because you cant see the person creating the shadow; you can just see the effect that it has created. Even though I like this image very much, I could have made it better by including the whole of the chapel window in it to show more clearly what it was.
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