The Good Samaritan

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“The Good Samaritan”

2. Language
Authors use language in ways to help us picture words. What does this paragraph help you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch? -This paragraph helps me smell the chlorine coming out of the pool. I can see the boys cleaning the backyard, working hard, exhausted and sweating. It makes me taste the chlorine of the pool delicious. I can touch the refreshing water of the pool. I can hear the annoying voice of Mr. Sanchez saying the boys can’t swim because they’re dirty.

Critical Viewing Design
The two shadows in the photo appear to be tilted. What does this composition make you think about the relationship between the two people who cast the shadows? -I seems that the relationship between those two people is contradictory and they differ.

3. Language
Some of the characters switch between England and Spanish. What can you guess about their community? -I think that there are many Hispanics and North Americans living in that community. It’s a mixed community, that’s why they speak both languages.

4. Plot/Confirm Prediction
Which characters will have a conflict? Do you want to change your prediction? -Mr. Sanchez and Rey. I don’t want to change my prediction because a story without a conflict is not a story.

6. Plot
An event that makes a conflict worse is called a complication. What complication happens here? -Mr. Sanchez didn’t keep his promise of letting the guys play in the basketball field whenever they wanted, as he said before.

7. Plot
Mr. Sanchez thinks the boys have shown him disrespect. How do you think the boys feel about this? -They feel angry and furious.

8. Plot
How does Hernando’s reaction to Mr. Sanchez affect the conflict in the story? -It makes it worse because the boys made Mr. Sanchez get upset and now they can’t go to the basketball field anymore.

10. Plot/Predict
What do Rey’s comments and thoughts tells you about what he wants to do? What does his...
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