Secrets in the Shadows

Topics: Friendship, Affection, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (1184 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Secrets In the Shadows By Anne Schraff

“Secrets In the Shadows is without a doubt a page turner throughout the book and will have you on the edge of your seat wanting more.”

Exposition- “Secrets In the Shadows” takes place in a small city in the projects, and at Bluford High School. A seventeen year old boy named Roylin Bailey has had a rough life so far; poor family, small, broken down apartment, an abusive father, and he works at Golden Grill Restaurant so that he can help his Mom pay for the rent and the car payment. You could count his friends on one hand too. He lives around a grumpy man named Mr. Tuttle, his apartments’ landlord. However, one day when he walks into school, he finds the most beautiful girl he has laid eyes on, and is attached to her immediately. Her name is Korie. He ends up having a minor relationship with her, but when he tries to impress her, he might have lost his only true friend, an old man named Mr. Miller, and his life is in constant panic, or so he thinks.

Inciting Event- The moment that causes the whole scenario to occur, is when he goes to ask his good friend Mr. Miller for some money, because he is trying to impress Korie, with buying her this necklace she has been dreaming about for a while now. It costs 250 dollars, and he can’t afford that right now, but nobody answers the door, and so he just walks in, and finds him sleeping. In saying this, he just gets the money out of his wallet, because he would just get a loan from him, and pay him back later. The wallet was just sitting on the table anyways. He bought the necklace, and then the next day when he comes home, he is greeted by Mr. Tuttle, and he pronounces that Mr. Miller has passes away by a heart attack, and that he saw what Roylin did the previous day. Now Roylin is believed responsible for his friend’s death, and he know faces a choice of being arrested, or doing Mr. Tuttle’s work. He has no choice but to choose the work, and that is when his life was...
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