Among the Hidden - 2

Topics: Blond, Margaret Peterson Haddix Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Among the hidden
Margret Peterson haddix

The book Among the Hidden written by Margret Peterson Haddix is a story about a boy named Luke who has been hidden by his parents for 12 years of his life until one day he sees a face of a young girl in the window of a neighbor’s house he is curious but nervous because he is a third child there are strict rules about only having two kids if you have more than two the consequences are execution or a five million dollar fine, so he was very careful about running to explore what lies ahead he reaches the house unseen well at least he hopes. Luke tries to open the door its locked, he smashes his hand into the screen unlocks the door and walks in. he is mesmerized by the fancy furniture he inches around the corner into the computer room but is caught by the girl he saw in the window her name in Jen. She is a third child too and his adventure starts right there in Jens computer room. The purpose of the author was to tell you that you can do anything if you have hope. The setting of the story is on a farm in a small house surrounded by woods the woods are knocked down by the government to make new houses for the rich. Another setting is Jen’s house it is very exuberant, in fact it is three stories high and is very fancy unlike Luke’s modest home which has had the same furniture for as long as Luke can remember. Jen’s house had a large refrigerator, and computer room which houses Jen’s computer which Jen uses to communicate with other shadow children all over the world. At this time it is the late 1900’s. There are two main characters in the book, one is Luke and the other is Jen. Luke has blonde hair and blue eyes and is very pale from not going out into the sun as much as he should he wore hand me down jeans from his two older brothers Matthew and Mark and a button down plaid shirt. Jen was a tad bit short for twelve and wore a rumpled sweat shirt and has messy dirty blonde hair and she was very energetic and loud but very...
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