Art Renaissance

Topics: Impressionism, Paul Cézanne, Art Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: December 15, 2012
1. How is Corbet’s Burial at Ornans an assault on bourgeois values?  -He painted a scene that would normally be reserved for something religious and was highly controversial during the time. He took a step that went against the bourgeois values by not caring about the class definitions that were socially acceptable. He painted something that he “shouldn’t” have, but it brought him instant fame. 2. How do Japanese prints influence the works of Degas?

 - Degas was influenced by Japanese prints in composition and line. He did not paint women in kimonos in his art. Rather than painting Japanese subjects like his fellow artists he took on Japanese techniques and qualities. 3. What are the impressionists concerned with depicting? Include an example to support this.  - Impressionists are concerned with capturing a sense of immediacy in their artwork. Their works are assymetrically balanced. The subject matter is often casual and more everyday life pictures and scenes. William Chadwick shows the play of light and shade on the Griswold side porch "On the Piazza". The impressionists unlike other types of artists do not mix their paint colors. They generally use the pure colors to capture their work. Their use of color is also seen in how they depict shadows. Unlike previous artists who used neutral or darker shades like black to paint a shadow, Impressionists used color to show shadows. 4. Who are the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood?

 - The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a reform movement founded in 1849 by several men to revitalize the arts. They wanted to bring back more classical poses as opposed to the art of their time that was by the Mannerists. They believed Raphael was a corruption to art and the way it was taught. Thus their name of "Pre-Raphaelite". 5. What are the aspects used by Cezanne to create Mont Sainte-Victoire? How is this work similar to Impressionism?  -He used bright colors and broken brushwork in his painting, not using much definition...
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