Sez Protection in Navi Mumbai

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Executive Summary

* This study is basically all about to “Special Economic Zones” (SEZs).In Asia India was the first country that recognizes the effectiveness of the Export Processing Zones (EPZs) model in promoting exports, but EPZs were later converted into SEZs. The Special Economic Zones Scheme was announced on March 31, 2000.

* SEZs are saying as growth engines that can boost manufacturing, augment exports and generate employment. The private sector has been actively associated with the development of SEZs. The SEZs require special fiscal and regulatory regime in order to impart a hassle free operational regime encompassing the state of the art infrastructure and support services.

* It is expected that this will trigger a large flow of foreign and domestic investment in SEZs, in infrastructure and productive capacity, leadingto generation of additional economic activity and creation of employment opportunities.

* The SEZ Rules provide for different minimum land requirement for different class of SEZs. Every SEZ is divided into a processing area where alone the SEZ units would come up and the non-processing area where the supporting infrastructure is to be created.

Objective of the study

This project as per prepared as a partial fulfillment of my studies in semi-I the subject of strategic management.

There are some objectives of this project:-
1) To know what is SEZ?
2) To know sez acts
3) To know the objectives
4) To know requirements
5) To know how it works


This study base on secondary data and information available in various books, magazines and net webs-ites.This information has been collected from vario-s sources with proper acknowledgment. I have not conducted any primary survey or any collected primary data.

My project is descriptive analysis of the information available in various books, magazines and websites.

Some websites from which I collected this information:-

Chapter - I What is Special Economic Zone?

The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) policy in India first came into inception on April 1, 2000. The prime objective was to enhance foreign investment and provide an internationally competitive and hassle free environment for exports. The idea was to promote exports from the country and realizing the need that level playing field must be made available to the domestic enterprises and manufacturers to be competitive globally.

Legislation has been passed permitting SEZs to offer tax breaks to foreign investors. Over half a decade has passed since its inception, but the SEZ Bill has certain drawbacks due to the omission of key provisions that would have relaxed rigid labour rules. This has lessened India's chance of emulating the success of the Chinese SEZ model, through foreign direct investment (FDI) in export-oriented manufacturing.

The policy relating to SEZs, so far contained in the foreign trade policy, was originally implemented through piecemeal and ad hoc amendments to different laws, besides executive...
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