The Baby Academy

Topics: Strategic management, Early childhood education, Academy Pages: 15 (5116 words) Published: May 5, 2011
The Baby Academy

Strategic Business Management
Fall 2010-2011

Table of Contents
1.Introduction 3 2.Vision 3
3.Mission 3
4.Strategic Objectives4
5.Strategic Analysis 4
a.The General Environment 4 b.Porter's Five-Forces Model of Industry Competitive 6
c.Value Chain Analysis 8 6. Types of Firm Resources 13 7. Resource Assessment 14

8. Strategic Formulation 15
d.Business Level Strategy 15
e.Corporate level strategy 16
9. Strategic Implementation16
f. Corporate Governance 16
g. Organizational Structure17
10.References 20

The Baby Academy is pioneering school was found by Dina Abdel Wahab; it is based on integration of special-needs and normal children. Dina's son Ali was born with Down syndrome. Dina knew that children with Down syndrome must be integrated into learning environments with children without and with disabilities. Traditionally, families with Down syndrome children were expected to keep them invisible at home. Schools in crowded Cairo would not accept children with disabilities and those which accept were not qualified to provide the appropriate education for these children. Dina decided in 2000 to open her own school where Ali could attend. She started the baby academy a chain of preschool for children from three months to five years old in Heliopolis using her own private funds; Asoka helped her with a financial model and a network of support to create a financial monitoring system for the preschool. To have social reform, children are the place to start, this insight has led Dina to think about the integration of normal children with special needs children to learn together, play together, and develop friendships. Furthermore, the adults in the picture teachers and parents learn to see special needs in a far more tolerant light. After the success of the first branch, she opened other 4 branches in Egypt. Dina wanted to move ahead and go further to let other kids benefit from her idea. So, she decided to sell her idea to Bahraini educational company to provide more funds for expanding. Now her son Ali is studying at Cairo British International School, and she is working hard to achieve change in the field of children education. This report will discuss the strategic analysis, formulation and implantations of the baby academy. VISION STATEMENT

The Baby Academy wishes to achieve the physical, mental and emotional development of our future generations and to stimulate children to achieve to their full potential. MISSION STATEMENT
Our mission is to become leaders in the area of Early Childhood Education. We aim to do this through utilizing the latest in educational studies, facilities, and technology in our classrooms and through our teachers. Before developing our program, we have made it a point to listen to parents, teachers and children. We are constantly updated on the latest research findings that have shown that the development of the intellect, self-esteem, and self-confidence are crucially affected by learning in the early years. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES

-To be a parent’s first choice when seeking out childcare with effective educational programs that are dedicated to a child’s ever-changing needs. -Introduce school-based integration of children with special needs throughout the Middle East. -Approach the Ministry of Education to advocate for inclusion in public schools and offer advanced and continuous training to teachers, using the techniques, curriculum, and expertise the academy has developed. Strategic Analysis

The General Environment:
The Demographic Segment: Egypt is one of the...
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