Strategic Plan, Part Iii

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Strategic Plan Part III: Balance Scorecard

Maria Rose


Bassil El-Kadi

Strategic Plan Part III: Balance Scorecard

The goal of Ever After Events is to provide a one stop shop to create a party or event that is not only memorable for all but is also a stress free environment for the customer. Ever After Events is dedicated to rediscovering ourselves each day by providing our customers with an experience that will exceed their expectations. Ever After Events delivers innovative themes and ideas as well as being the leader in the organized planning business for various social functions like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, fundraising events, and so on. In terms of services and price, the company wants to ensure satisfaction to its customers. A balance scorecard is an effective tool for managers, to establish the strategies for accomplishing business goals and objectives effectively. Many businesses and organizations make use of the balance scorecard to make effective strategic planning decisions and enhancing the performance of the management system. With the assistance of the balance scorecard, the internal and external communication network within the business organization will be improved. The balance scorecard helps a business or organization to achieve long-term prosperity (Pearce & Robinson, Chapter 7, 2009). This paper will provide the balance scorecard for Ever After Events by considering the four basic elements, which are financial, learning and growth, customer, and internal business process.


As interpreted from the scorecard above, Ever After Events is effectively managing its operations in the competitive marketplace. This scorecard will assist managers with aligning business goals and objectives in accordance with the business strategy. The balance scorecard will also assist in enhancing...
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