Servant Evangelism

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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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Servant Evangelism

It’s very difficult when we are in school to find the time to do what we love as disciples, which is to lead others to Christ. After working a full-time job I come home to do work for my company, Unique Expressions which is a promotional company. I met with a customer about four weeks about to do some flyers for his restaurant, once I completed them. He asked me a few weeks later to do a second flyer for his ministry called “Empowerment” he begin to tell me how he goes around the community and invite them in for a short message in the word, prayer and koinonia . This is not the nicest community but one where most of the lower working class resides.

I’m always honored to do a flyer for ministries that have the goal of reaching those that are lost. I tend to put more time and effort into them than my other projects, because of my love for Jesus Christ. I decided I would start to attend these community sessions on Monday it was only for an hour from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. In the first session I was asked to pray for those that came and I did. This group reminded me of how I was when I came to Christ I wouldn’t let anything stop me from getting feed spiritually. Some of them were teenagers, others singles, some families, it was beautiful to see them desire more of God in their lives; hear the questions and then fellowship with them once the word was given, prayer ended.

The second session I was asked to be the guest speaker and could speak on whatever God laid on my heart. I went to my favorite scripture Matthew 28:18-20, the Great Commission. At this session we had a mixed crowd in attendance but more teenagers than adults. I wished I would have had people inviting me to outreach gatherings were I’d received a bible when I was a teenager. I did remember that as a teenager my church didn’t teach where we could understand even as kids or as a young person in God it went over my head. My goal was to ensure I didn’t make them feel...