Book Review- Share Jesus Without Fear

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Book Review:
Share Jesus Without Fear

Author Information
William Fay began his walk and personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1981. Before this, he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of a multi-million-dollar corporation linked to the Mafia, which was involved in racketeering, bookmaking and gambling. He also owned one of the largest brothels in the United States. After receiving Jesus, he went to Bible school and graduated from Denver Seminary in 1987. He is now a renowned evangelist who has written many books on contemporary evangelism. He is also a pastor, chaplain and nationally syndicated radio personality, who has shared his faith with over twenty five thousand of people.

Linda Evans Shepherd is the co-author of the book, Share Jesus Without Fear. She is a well-known speaker and member of the National Speakers association. She is also an award-winning author who has authored other books other books on evangelism.

Content Summary
William Fay begins the book, Share Jesus Without Fear by pointing out the underlying reason for evangelism. He argues that evangelism is not about bringing people to Jesus or “winning souls” but it is about obedience (p.3), motivated by faithfulness. Fay challenges believers about their “sin of silence” by pointing out that only five to ten percent of Christians have shared their faith in the past year (p.6). He argues that there are two groups of Christians: those who talk to the lost and lose who only talk about the lost (p.8). He encourages believers to talk to the lost and avoid the “sin of silence” and the lack of urgency concerning evangelism.

The author provides a detailed guide for sharing the Christian faith with the lost in a simple and no-confrontational manner. Using his own experiences, William Fay encourages Christians to use specific questions, called the “Share Jesus Questions (p.30) in sharing their faith, which gauge the spiritual state of the person they are trying to reach. These questions create a platform to share the Gospel and an opportunity to inquire if the sinner is ready to make a decision about salvation. Fay encourages the believer to let the Holy Spirit do the job of leading a person to salvation.
There is also a series of verses which Fay insists the person being witnessed to must read and these cover the gospel message. These scriptures are Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, John 3:3, John 14:6, Romans 10:9-11, 2 Corinthians 5:15, and Revelation 3:20. (p. 44). Allowing the unbeliever to read the Scriptures and asking him what the scriptures say to him or her allows the Bible to speak life and this incorporates Jesus’ style of witnessing.

Fay then goes on to offer an additional list of questions, called “Commitment Question” (p.61), which urge the nonbeliever towards the decision to accept Jesus Christ. He also provides guidance for the “sinner’s prayer” in the event that the sinner makes a decision to accept Jesus Christ. Fay encourages cross-checking to make sure that that the new believer understands the salvation experience and its implications. The author points out that even when someone does not receive Jesus, a witnessing believer is still considered successful because they have been obedient and faithful. He encourages the believer to connect the new convert with a local Pastor and a Bible based church. Continuing with his simple and non-confrontational approach to evangelism, William Fay addresses the thirty six most common objections that the believer may face in sharing his or her faith. He teaches his reader how to respond to these objections by simply asking “why?” and then providing responses in a warm and scriptural manner. He goes on to encourage the believer to cultivate non-Christian friendships and provides suggestions on how this can be done. He ends his book with an exhortation to believers to “Go” and share the faith without fear. He also provides a seven-day scripture guide for praying for the lost and;...
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