The Part I Play in the Kingdom

Topics: Youth, Holy Spirit, Management Pages: 4 (1416 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Jonathon Houser
CHMN201 –B01
The Part I Play in the Kingdom

PART ONE: My Fit in Ministry (Before): The ministry path I have been pursuing is youth ministry. The reason for youth ministry is I believe that you should start at ground level with kids when teaching kids about God. I feel that kids won’t have as many bad habits as adults and are more willing to learn about God and understand. The other part of ministry that I am involved in is marriage. I haven’t married anyone as of yet but I am licensed to do so. I am still studying the laws and the traditions of marriage. Going back to why I choice youth ministry is that most churches see investing in the next generation as somehow optional or only for big or rich churches, but I tend to disagree because as older generations die there is a need for the youth to fill those spots and the youth have a right to learn about and be able to walk in the light of God. With old the younger generations learning about Jesus and God and their stories the religion will slowly fade and the truths will be losted. A good youth ministry infrastructure begins with compiling basic tools like accurate information about the kids in the church, a list of youth ministry volunteers, a yearly calendar of major events, and a curriculum plan. There so also be a formulate visioning documents that states the mission. I see that the children are the key hole for the key of heaven to fit into for them to see God’s glory for all that it is. My main point is that I know God has a plan for me and I feel the pull to go into youth ministries because I’m out spoken and I am a leader. I can tell the truth when it is needed the most and I can build relationships with young people. I also have been helping people for most of my life like a life coach. For the longest time people have came to me to fix their issues or help them with advice. I have very good insight and can think on my toes. I can’t really tell you too much about youth...
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