Sending Students for Overseas Education Is a Waste of Money

Topics: Higher education, Education, Learning Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: September 28, 2010
In considering this point, firstly we need to look at why many parents have forked out a lot of money to send their children for overseas education. The general notion that overseas education is of better quality cannot be rebutted. For example science courses like computer studies and engineering are based on the latest findings in some countries like the US and UK and may take time to reach our shores. Therefore overseas students have better advantage of learning the latest in theory and practices compared to those available locally. Therefore they are more hands-on and well informed making them highly valued when they enter the employment market. So most parents don’t mind having to pay more for their children to get greater value for their money and to secure a better future. Secondly the education system overseas places greater value of an overall development of students as individuals rather than just passing exams. Students and professors interact in a more flexible and approachable system. Overseas students learn to get along with their new environment and people from many walks of life. Not only their English improves, they also learn good communication and problem solving skills. In turn they become more confident of themselves and their capabilities. Upon their return, they are able to secure better jobs by most companies that prefer to employ overseas graduates for such added skills. However, if students are able to obtain locally an education in a particular field that is in par with these international standards, then definitely it will be a waste of money to opt for an overseas education. Recently many higher education institutions have been set up including medical colleges that offer courses of international standard and recognition. Therefore, students should consider these options before deciding for overseas education that may cost double or more the amount of money required locally. Moreover, it will also save them unnecessary costs incurred...
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