International vs National School

Topics: Education, Working class, Social class Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: May 27, 2013
International Schools and Regular Schools
Many international schools are teeming in metropolitan cities, such as Jakarta. These schools have been taken into account by all parents who wish to send their children abroad later in the future for higher education. This essay intends to dig deeper the actual pros and cons of having sent children to these schools compared to regular schools which gradually have their popularity fade away among people coming from middle class and above. The main aspects that will be discussed between these two formal educational institutions are curricula, teaching methods, and cost. International schools apply international curricula, suitable for students who are planning to study abroad later on. Since international curricula adopt foreign educational systems and methods, students from international schools will not be shocked when they become foreign students in the future. In addition to this, these schools are generally acknowledged worldwide. “An international curriculum has to take into account to some degree the differing viewpoints from which it will be looked at, explored, and implemented. This leads to a curriculum that, rightly, gets contextualized for local delivery” (“More than just A Different Language”, 2011) Furthermore, a foreign language, usually English, is applied in any subjects and under any circumstances. Therefore, students’ mastering another language besides their native tongue is one obvious advantage. In contrast, regular schools do not apply a foreign language or at the very minimum, they are bilingual. The teaching methods of these two types of schools are not even remotely similar. International schools, commonly adapting western methods, train students to be critical and logical independent thinkers. On the other hand, regular schools in Jakarta adapt a method that focuses on centralization in which students deem the teachers’ notes and explanation flawless. Moreover, the eastern method used...
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