Unit 10: school as organisation

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Unit 10: school as organisation

By | Feb. 2014
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UNIT 10 -


Mr Chil Yeung Law


1.1What are the different types of school
1.2Characteristic of a school
2.People responsible for any school
2.1Roles and Responsiblity of People inside school
2.2Roles and Responsibility of People outside school
3.Aims and Values of a school
3.1Defining the school aims and values
3.2Describing how a school uphold their aims
3.3Describing how a school uphold their values
4.What are the Laws and Codes of Practice in School
4.1 Identifying the type of Laws and Codes of Practice
4.2Describe how these will promote the pupil wellbeing and achievement

5.School policies and procedures
5.1Describe why schools have polices and procedures
5.2Identifying the policies and procedures in school
6.The roles of outside organisation
6.1Local and national government
6.2Other organisations

This assignment will explain about all the different type of school that are available to teach pupil. It will also talk about the different people involved in the educational system and the reason why they are there. There will also be discussion about the various laws and policy that are there to protect the pupil wellbeing and achievement.

1.1 What are the different types of school
There are many type of schools that are available for students, one of the major differences is whether it is a state or independant, as that usually determine the kind of education that is available to all the students. These are some of the kind of school you can find available to the students :- (a) Grammar school

(b) Community school
(c) Boarding school
(d) Faith school
(e) College/University
(f) Academy
(g) Special school

a) Grammar School - This school will select pupil based on their academic ability, they follow subjects on the...

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