Advantages of Disadvantages of Online Study

Topics: Learning, Education, Debut albums Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Whenever one decides whether studying oversea or stay in his country, he has to think carefully about what he could gain and what he will have to pay if he chooses one option. Believe it or not, studying overseas has it own advantages and disadvantages which must be closely observe before making decision. No one could deny that studying overseas gives us so many good things which hard to name all, but we could list some of them. Firstly, we could have an opportunity to study in advance education system where many experienced and skilled professors as well as teachers are working in. You are not only have a chance to gain knowledge and experience from your teachers but also develop your study, your thinking methodology given by this education system and teachers. Moreover, when study abroad, you have to use the language of the country which you are studying in; that means you can speak more than one language which is your advantage when you come back to your country and applying for a job. Ideally, if they use worldwide language such as English, Chinese, etc. you will be a treasure for any companies’ head-hunter. In addition, studying overseas means you are traveling, making International friends, and so on. Obviously, your knowledge about the world, about foreign countries and people will expand. You can visit many beautiful places, meet many people and try many kind of specialty. It is your unforgettable experience which follows till the end of your life. In contrast, studying oversea, of course, has it own disadvantages which you should think about. It is not easy for anyone who has to live in a strange society where people speak different language, have different culture and even, eat different food. For some people, it is a biggest obstacle and if he can’t overcome it, he will not be able to live and of course, to study anymore. Furthermore, even if one can stand all of the problems above, and he can finish his studying, he might not be able to apply what he...
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