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Kyleen Reed
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Studying Abroad and the Importance of a Global Perspective

Studying Abroad has become increasingly popular amongst college students - and for good reason. Studying in a different country can not only help students achieve more in their adult lives, but ultimately change their life for the better from the experience. Adaptation and tolerance is one benefit a student can gain from studying abroad. By living first hand in a unfamiliar place in allows you to learn empathy and understanding from those different from you. Independence and Confidence are traits commonly reported from students who have lived this experience. Typically a student will travel alone of with a few other friends, being put into new, sometimes scary situations that will for them to think differently then they may have before. By encountering these differences they are allowed to better understand not only the challenges other countries are put in, but the challenges of our own country and the world as a whole. The Study Aboard experience has also been reported to be helpful for students with their careers, finding jobs and marketing themselves better to potential employers. The approach of traveling to countries in far corners of the world means students can compare the culture and lifestyles of people in very diverse places - and come to understand what makes us all unique, but how truly similar people around the world are.

Many students that make the choice to study abroad range from the age level of late teens to early 20’s. In this amount of time most of these young adults have not had the chance to experience life outside of their city, let alone their country, therefore tolerance has been learned on a smaller scale. “Eighty-two percent of alumni said that they had developed a more sophisticated way of looking at the world as a result of studying abroad. These same individuals were more likely to seek out a...
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