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Topics: Culture, Education, Learning Pages: 4 (1148 words) Published: November 5, 2011
#20. "In order to understand other societies, all college students should be required to spend at least one of their undergraduate years studying or working in a foreign country."

I agree that collegiate student should spend a semester abroad. Although I think that students should be given the option to study abroad and not be required to, only because some will lack interest or not have the means to travel. Traveling to a foreign country and culture will give students great opportunities to experience other cultures and peoples. Seeing the other peoples and experiencing new laws and restrictions, seeing what adversities other countries face will make American students appreciate the freedoms that they have in America. Another benefit is the life experience that will come from spending a semester in a foreign country. Experiencing different cultures is a very important part of life. Being around different people and cultures is a very important part in becoming a well-rounded individual. It gives you an opportunity to see and learn from other people. This is imperative because you won’t be limited to only one environment or one culture and you can grow and evolve as a student and a person. Although America has its problems, it is one of, if not the freest country in the world. Traveling to another country will allow the student to experience the restrictions of some countries and in turn develop a newfound appreciation of the USA’s freedoms. Seeing the adversities that foreign people and students face daily may strongly influence the student and cause a positive and life changing understanding of the freedoms Americans have. Having spent a semester abroad will strongly benefit the collegiate student. It will be an experience that may set them apart for people competing for the same job. Being a more worldly person is appealing and will benefit the student greatly. Experiencing an exotic culture would be such a great experience for college students because...
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