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Everybody seeks for a better education whatever the difficulties it might bring. The right to education is a fundamental human right (www., 2008). Education seems to be the initial step toward the success of an individual to reach his goal in his life later on. As time passed by, the trend of education becomes different. Part of which is the implementation of the international education. This system gives an opportunity to particular students to have world class learning. These people of our next generation should be well established in order to bring something significant in the near future. Countries like the United States of America have become the premier destination for foreign students. Most top universities in this country is engage of providing education among foreign students. However, being a foreign student is not an easy thing. It just like being a tourist traveling in his preferred destination, the only thing is that these people seem to have more obligations not only within their study but as well as being a temporary citizen of their preferred country. These foreign students somehow faced a lot issues and difficulties that more or less can affect their studies.  

The Life of a Foreign Student
            The life of a foreign student tackles many complications and difficulties. First, they have to deal with the reality that they are in a place where they are a complete stranger to everyone. Aside from that, they will be apart from their families and loved ones as well. Foreign students are engage with a lot of sacrifices ion order to achieve something that will make them grow more and such thing is having a world class education.             Mostly, students become culture shocked. Especially if when east meets west. The difference in their culture and beliefs somehow results to discrimination. The usual argument about this matter is the inferiority that mostly western countries imply on eastern...
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