Explain the Main Difficulties That are Faced During Overseas Study

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Explain the main difficulties that are faced during overseas study.

As Australian universities have obtained popularity in the worldwide zone, the number of overseas students has been increased progressively. Accompanying with the overseas study trend, numerous difficulties that are faced during the overseas study appeared. To be specified, the term "overseas study" in this essay can be defined as students from those non-English speaking countries, especially Asian countries, receive the tertiary education in Australian universities. There are many difficulties can be encountered during the overseas study, some of which are the barrier of language, the new mode of education and the difference of culture.

Firstly, the general problem in the overseas study is the language barrier. Although the language abilities of overseas students have been tested and verified by the language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, there are still some obstacles in the English usage for academic purpose and daily communication. For instance, on campus lectures, tutorials, consultations and discussions are normally conducted in English, so there can be a huge number of technical terms that have never been heard by those international students. It may cause inaccurate understanding of some certain problems. The fast-talking and the use of slang during off campus everyday life such as the purchase of food, clothes and other necessities can also make a confusing. Therefore, academic or special usage of English can lead to some trouble in understanding as the incomprehension of English usage of those overseas students.

The second difficulty that can be faced during the overseas study is completely different mode of learning. As differences of education widely exist among countries and also the gap between elementary education and tertiary education is generally concerned, overseas students will face two huge changes while receiving education abroad. To give an example, in many Asian...
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