Sectors in Childcare

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Statutory means that something must be provided.
In the case of childcare the government or local education authority have a statutory obligation to provide some form of childcare which they do in the form of schools, nurserys etc. Voluntary sector organizations also provide these services but they are not required to, they choose to do so.

The statutory sector involves all the organisations that are set up, controlled and funded by the government, for example public school and NHS hospitals. The statutory sector is funded by people who pay taxes and national insurance etc. This is different from the independent sector which involves organisations being run by business people who are usually in it to make profit.

The independent sector is funded by the clients who use the service. Their money is used to buy supplies and pay wages etc. An example of an independent sector organisation is private schools.

Statutory sector education is provided my law by the government or by the local authorities for children aged 5 - 18. What the setting teach is based on the National Curriculum or the EYFS framework. One example of a setting which is a statutory sector is a mainstream primary or secondary school. Statutory sector supports children and their families by providing a childcare facility and education which in turn provides a good start in life and a place where parents know that their children are safe. It also provides a routine that helps children later in life to deal with work schedules.

Voluntary sector is paid for by donations and charities, however the authorities do pay for the upkeep. The voluntary sector depends on voluntary, rather than paid for effort, an example of a voluntary sector setting is a youth centre. These organisations add value to the community and bring the community closer together, voluntary sectors provide their own child protection, health and safety and data protection policies and procedures, however still undergo regular...
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