Different Sectors of Business and Their Key Stakeholders

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In this piece of coursework I will describe the different sectors; these are the public private and voluntary. Below I will describe each sector and talk about the key stakeholders, the main aims and objectives and the main strategies of each sector.

The key stakeholders of businesses in the private sector are the owners and shareholders, whereas in the public sector, the government and user groups are the key stakeholders. Main aims and objectives of the businesses within the private sector is to make high sales and profits and to have and maintain control in the market, this means that these businesses aim to be market leaders. However, in the public sector, the aims and objectives is to provide people with high quality service, for example the aim of Metropolitan Police is to provide services such as preventing crime and ensuring that the public feel safe in their area. The slogan of the metropolitan police is ‘Working together for a safer London’; this gives an idea on what kind of services they provide. The key strategies in the private sector are to win market shares, sales and profits in order to be successful within their market. Whereas in the public sector, they guarantee people that they will be provided with high quality service. The other sector along with these 2 is called the voluntary sector, they are similar to the public segment, however they are not provided with money by the government. They are a non – profit sector whereby they have businesses that help charities such as Oxfam, crime stoppers, RSPCA, comic relief and many more. Also, within this coursework, I will be talking about the different types of ownerships and giving examples of each, this will be done with sub headings.

Organisation A

Background Information of John Lewis
John Lewis was founded in 1920, before he started this business; he had some experience in the drapery trade and was working as a buyer at Peter Robinson. He actually started selling ribbons haberdashery and then expanded into linens in 1870, over the next 20 years, the shop started to grow as it was successful, first by leasing buildings on Holles Street, and also an achievement on more shops on Oxford Street. Soon after, both of his sons joined the business and a purchase of the ailing Peter Jones was made, this was handed over to one of his sons as the other one named Oswald had been withdrawn from the business, this left Spedan Lewis to handle both of the shops. http://www.johnlewis.com/Shops/DSTemplate.aspx?Id=31

Size of John Lewis
The size of this organisation is National as its firms are only in the UK. This business is planning on going international and hopefully global as they are very successful. They already have 27 stores nationwide and planning on opening another 8 in the next 5 years.

Business Activity
John Lewis is known for selling products and providing services to their consumers. This comes under Supplying products and services for profit, this basically means that John Lewis have goals which I have spoke about below to make profits out of selling their goods and services, the reason why John Lewis are a business is to achieve this aim as they can grow and expand into a larger scale. In order to do this they will have to maintain good relationships with their customers due to the fact that they wouldn’t lose them, they treat their customers well and answer any queries well.

Business Sector
This business is in the retail industry whereby they sell various products such as Clothing; Technology; Sport and Leisure; Electrical Appliances; Home & Garden; Christmas and other occasion stock; Gifts; Flowers; Toys; Baby products. As for this, the partnership business belongs to the Tertiary Sector as they are a retailing company whereby they provide goods and services to their customers. Businesses which belong to the Tertiary sector are those who provides and sells...
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