Unit 1 Childcare and Education

Topics: Children's rights in the United Kingdom, The Child, Teacher Pages: 11 (4157 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Unit -1 an introduction to working with children
Statutory setting
Tassoni states “these are services that have to be available by the law” Tassoni (2007 p.g3) this is a government funded organisation, which caters for children from the age of 4-11. It is a legal requirement and failure to attend will lead to fines or prosecutions. Statutory settings all follow the national curriculum which dictates how any particular subject is taught i.e. programme plans, lesson plans objectives and lesson plans. Decisions relating to school matters are made by the governing body which consist of parents, teachers, professionals and the local education authority (LEA) Highfield J/I school

Highfield School is a statutory school which caters for 840 pupils; it is situated in a deprived inner city area with many low income families and singles families. English is a second language to most of the children that attend school. There are many extra curriculum activities set by the school to allow children to attend particular activities that they may enjoy.

Private setting
Tassoni states “these services do not rely on charities” Tassoni (2007p.g3)This is a profit making organisation and is not funded by the government. Children do not have to attend these settings unless their parents/carers decide this is a good opportunity for them. Dyson gardens children’s centre

Dyson Gardens is a private nursery based in the Washwood heath area also situated in the same deprived area of Highfield School, most children who attend Dyson Gardens also attend Highfield this means friendship can be made easier at school as they may already know pupils from nursery.

Voluntary settings
Tassoni states “these are services provided by organisations such as charities” Tassoni (2007p.g3)There are many voluntary settings, these are charities that rely on the public, and the government do not give money towards this as it is voluntary. There are many charities in the city of Birmingham many of which are based around children such as Acorns children’s Hospice, Barnados and Childline. Acorns Children’s Hospice

Acorns is a children’s hospice based all around Birmingham which helps sick children and their families, Acorns care for life limited and life threatened children and young people, and their families, across the heart of England. These children and young people are not expected to reach adulthood and require specialist care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week E2

Statutory Setting
Statutory settings aim to support children and their families. i.e if a child has a special need. The school has a legal duty to provide them with a specialist teacher or a mentor. The school appreciates the learning ability for a child with an additional need is going to be more than a child that doesn’t have a special need, however the school is obliged to provide the same learning standards. In Highfield J/I school support can be given to children and their families from in variety of ways they are: * booster classes for children struggling with SAT’s preparations * extra curriculum after school activities for children- this will not only increase a child’s self esteem level but allow them to have more knowledge on the subject. Private Settings

Private settings have to have measures in place to provide suitable learning and developmental needs therefore they have to provide different levels of support for different abilities for each child i.e if a child has never been to a nursery or playgroup there social interaction is going to be limited. If a child is newly arrived from a different country their language needs are greater therefore extra support would be required for example an interpreter and a language therapist. If a story was being read the child from abroad wouldn’t understand so visual aids could be used to support the child. If reading homework is set for that child books could be selected that has two languages so the family could understand the...
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