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1.1        General settings
1.1.1        Countries
1.1.2        Currency
TCURCCurrency codes
TCURTCurrency name
TCURXDecimal places for currencies.
1.1.3        Unit of measure
T006Units of measure
1.1.4        Calendar functions
T247Month names
TFACDFactory calendar definition
T015MMonth names
TTZZTime zones
TTZDSummer time rules
TTZDFSummer time rules (fixed annual dates)
TTZDVSummer time rules (variable dates)
TTZDTSummer time rules texts
TTZ5Assign Time Tones to Countries
TTZ5SAssign time zones to regions
1.2        Enterprise structure
1.2.1        Definition
T001Company code
COTKA01Controlling area
LOT001WPlant / sales organisation
SDTVKOSales organisation / company code
TVTWDistribution channel
TVBURSales office
TVKBTSales office text
TVKGRSales group
TVGRTSales group text
T171TSales district text
MMT001LStorage locations
T024EPurchasing organization
T3001Warehouse number
TVSTShipping point
TVLALoading point
1.2.2        Assignment
COTKA02Assign company code to controlling area
LOT001KAssign plant (valuation area) to company code
SDTVKOSales organisation / company code
TVKOVDistribution channel / sales organisation
TVKOSDivision to sales organization
TVTASales aria
TVKBZSales office to sales area
TVBVKSales group to sales office
TVKWZPlants to sales organization
MMT024EPurchasing organization / company code
T024WPlant to Purchase organization
T001KLink plant ( = valuation area) / company code
TVSWZShipping point to plant
T320Assignment MM Storage Location to WM Warehouse
1.3        Financial accounting
1.3.1        Company code
T004Chart of accounts
T077SAccount group (g/l accounts)
T009Fiscal year variants
T880Global company data
T014Credit control area
1.3.2        Fi document
T010OPosting period variant
T010PPosting Period Variant Names
T001BPermitted Posting Periods
T003Document types
T012House banks
            GB01                            Fields in Validations and Substitutions                                                 (add own field or remove X to add field as modifiable)
1.4        Not categorized
T007aTax keys
T134Material types
T179Materials: Product Hierarchies
T179TMaterials: Product hierarchies: Texts
TJ02TStatus text
TINCCustomer incoterms
TVFKBilling doc types
T390PM: Shop papers for print control 
2         Basic data / administration
2.1        Workbench related tables
2.1.1        Data dictionary tables
DD02LTables in SAP
DD02TTables description
DD03LField names in SAP
DD03TField description in SAP
2.1.2        Workbench
TADIRDirectory of R/3 Repository Objects
TRDIRSystem table TRDIR
TFDIRFunction Module
TLIBGPerson responsible for function class
TLIBTFunction Group Short Texts
TFTITFunction Module Short Text
TSTCTransaction codes in SAP
TSTCTTransaction codes texts
T100Message text (vb e000)
VARIDVariant data
D020TScreen texts
TDEVCDevelopment class
TDEVCTTexts for development classes
2.2        Administration
2.2.1        User administration
USR01User master
USR02Logon data
USR03User address data
USR04User master authorizations
USR11User Master Texts for Profiles (USR10)
UST12User master: Authorizations
USR12User master authorization values
USR13Short Texts for Authorizations
USR40Prohibited passwords
TOBCAuthorization Object Classes
TPRPROFProfile Name for Activity Group
DEVACCESSTable for development user
UST04User profiles (multiple rows per user)
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