Topics: Truth, Science, Scientific method Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

Leticia Garcia
Written Analysis
June 27, 2012


When finished reading this two theories Shipman, Pat. “Being Stalked by Intelligent Design” and Heenren, Fred. “The Lynching of Bill Demski” at the end I was a little bit confuse because one theory by Shipman is what I learned in school about how the earth was made, dinosaurs existed, life in the ocean, and many more which I agree because of the studies made, fossils and experiments. I strongly agree with this theory.

Heenren, Fred also has something that I believe in but at the same time he is making a big debate and accusations to Bill Demski about the source of the biological matter. Scientist philosophers and many more in a way they have proven how the universe was created, how dinosaurs have extinguished, how back then the air was clean, and life in the ocean was able to survive and all these after passing time, technology has taken bigger steps all of it have pass thorough the evolution and adapted to survive.

Yes I do believe that both theories have to be taught in school but not confuse them with the religion. Parts of the theories are based on history so I think History class makes a huge impact as well science class. But when teaching these classes make sure to also let the students know what fact is, true, and theory. “Bias is the extent to which one response is more probable than another. That is, a receiver may be more likely to respond that a stimulus is present or more likely to respond that a stimulus is not present. Bias is independent of sensitivity. For example, if there is a penalty for either false

alarms or misses, this may influence bias. If the stimulus is a bomber, then a miss (failing to detect the plane) may increase deaths, so a liberal bias is likely. In contrast, crying wolf (a false alarm) too often may make people less likely to respond, grounds for a conservative bias.”( Of...
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