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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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1.How many users will we be having?
2.How many different departments will we be having?
3.Which departments will need what permissions as far as access to computers, printers, and scanners? 4.Will everyone be at one site or will we have multiple buildings? 5.And what is our budget for designing the new AD DS infrastructure. 6.Should we buy physical servers for each location?

7.Should we create multiple domains for each department?
My answers:
I would say that the amount of users we have is about 200. And we will have plenty of room to expand in case we ever need to expand up to another 300 Users if we need to. And we will only have 5 departments (IT, H.R, Distribution, Maintenance, and Staff). As far as what departments permissions go we will have to sit with all department heads and come up with a valuable plan to benefit everyone. And since we are in a trucking distribution company named Spike’s Distro. We will only have one site for our infrastructure. The reason being is because we only have one building that everyone works out of. Our budget for creating this new infrastructure is going to be $35,000 to buy all the servers and switches needed including the computers to hold the active directory and domain servers. And we should buy physical servers as they are more efficient than virtual servers are. We should only create one domain per department. The only time we will need to create more is if we expand to more than one building.
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