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  • Published : November 24, 2010
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Imran Naseem – (My Blog)

Facebook Cash Manuscript
Imran Naseem

How To Use The Power Of Facebook To Make Money Imran Naseem

Imran Naseem – (My Blog)

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Imran Naseem Copyright 2009

Imran Naseem – (My Blog)

Welcome to my latest WSO on how to cash in from the world’s number one social networking site – Facebook. Now I am sure you have all heard of Facebook – it is in fact the world’s third most popular social networking site. When people are too busy talking about Twitter it seems people have actually neglected Facebook. In fact Facebook is so powerful I am going to show you how I have been making money from Facebook and how you can replicate my exact business model and use my strategies. These strategies will help you understand Facebook more and will make sure aware of the different methods you can use to make lots of money from Facebook. If you have not registered on Facebook already then you are seriously missing out on a lot of cash and a lot of potential customers for your business. Before I get into the meat of this report let me warn you that the methods in this report have been tried and tested and they can work for almost any niche. Also if you have any questions on anything then please do not hesitate to contact me at With all my reports this is going to be a no fluff report on how to make money from Facebook. I will not bore you with a full history of Facebook – if you want a history lesson then you can go ahead and research on Wikipedia on the history of Facebook. This report will mainly cover the following.

 How to use Facebook to make money for CPA  How to use Facebook Applications to make money  How to use Facebook and make something go “viral”

I hope you enjoy reading this report and you replicate my strategies for Facebook.

Imran Naseem – (My Blog)

Making Money From Facebook I was a sucker when it came to Facebook. In fact I was always sceptical of Facebook but in recent months I have been using Facebook and it has had given me excellent results and made me money. Now I am going to go straight into this. The first thing you will need to do is head over to Facebook and make a new account.

Now once you have registered Facebook basically gives you lots of different options to edit your profile. For the best results I always make sure I add my picture to my profile as it gives that bit of extra edge and when it comes to adding people it makes life much easier. Once you have created your Facebook account I would then focus on adding your “friends”. Now I have two Facebook accounts – one for business (where I have all my friends from the Warrior Forum and the Internet Marketing community) and one for “my social friends”. For the best results I always have greater success from my second Facebook account which has all my “social friends” – people who I meet on a regular basis and people I have either studied with at school or worked with in the past. However, if you only have one main Facebook account then that is not a problem!

Imran Naseem – (My Blog)

Now the first thing I want to focus on is FACEBOOK GROUPS. Now Facebook Groups are very popular right now because these groups allow like minded individuals to talk about almost anything. So that means you can set up a group today on virtually any topic in the world. The beauty of Facebook Groups is that people can cater towards a certain niche and get together as a community to talk about a certain cause. For example, there have been lots of groups in recent years on the War In Iraq and groups that that relate to something that is happening in the news. For example, the recent Earthquake in Indonesia or the death of Michael Jackson has had an effect on people – I call these type of...
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